September 25, 2020 2 min read

100% Natural & Organic Hair Concealer

Our hair is one of the most important features of our personality. It enhances our appearance but only when it is in good health. Today, thinning of hair has become quite a common issue even at young ages which is affecting the confidence and self-esteem of many individuals.

So are you also experiencing thinning or balding? Looking for an instant and effective solution? Don't worry, we got you covered... The Silax™ - Hair Building Fibers are made from 100% Natural Gossypium Herbaceum.


Although hair fibers aren’t a permanent solution for hair thinning or balding but it does provide an easy and instant solution. Think of it as "makeup" for your hair. Hair fibers are a natural looking temporary hair thinning solution that works best for people with mild to moderate hair loss.


What is Gossypium Herbaceum?

Gossypium Herbaceum also known as Levant cotton is a species of cotton innate to the semi-arid regions of sub-Saharan Africa and Arabia where you can still find these growing the wild as a perennial shrub.The fibers of Gossypium Herbaceum carry a negative electrical charge whereas human hair is positively charged and hence the outcome is a bonding through natural electromagnetic forces.

How hair fibers work?

As already mentioned the negative electrical charges of the Gossypium Herbaceum fibers create a strong bond with the positively charged human hair. The fibers used for thinning hair concealing are made with the vicious plant fibers and a keratin derivative.

Gossypium Herbaceum is an essential structural material of natural hair and it is great at creating an unnoticeable replication of hair thickness. Gossypium Herbaceum is also an amazing ingredient for the existing hair that creates barrier of protection and helps in restoring the beauty.

There is an array of reasons behind hair thinning from hormonal imbalances, hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause, to genetic hair loss that worsens with age. Fortunately, the hair fibers creates an appearance of fullness no matter what is the reason that triggered hair loss. Hence, hair fibers are a great option when it comes to short-term as well as long-term for both men and women.

Most importantly, the 100% Natural Gossypium Herbaceum hair fibers are safe, water, wind and sweat resistant, works on any hair type and blends impeccably with your hairs.

Who Can Use Hair Fibers?

People having naturally thin hair or who are experiencing temporary hair loss due to pregnancy, menopause, specific medications, or anything else that triggers thinning can make use of these hair fibers and gain back their lost confidence.


The 100% Natural Gossypium Herbaceum Hair Fibers from Silax™ is one of the best ways to conceal thinning hair areas and are absolutely safe to use.

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