September 18, 2020 2 min read

Hair Building Fibers – Temporary Yet Instant Solution For Hair Loss Problems

Hair fall and thinning of hair has become a common problem in today’s scenario both for men as well as women. And the major culprits of this problem are environmental changes, hormonal imbalances, stress and most importantly unhealthy lifestyle. Many solutions for these problems can be found in the market as well that claim to provide the best results, but only a few actually work.

Excessive hair fall can impact a person’s personality as well as self-confidence adversely. So it is essential to find an effective way to combat baldness or thinning of hair volume. The good news is there is an instant solution that helps in covering the bald spots instantly and makes you feel confident and that is hair building fibers.

Silax Hair Building Fibers | Hairloss Alopecia

Hair Building Fibers

Hair building fibers made of natural organic Gossypium Herbaceum protein helps in getting an instant solution to cover the hair thinning part on your scalp. These fibers are attached with your hair using the principle of static electricity and hence these interlink with your natural hairs strongly providing you with voluminous hair. The best part is it looks absolutely natural and is water, wind and sweat resistant as well.

Advantages of Hair Building Fibers

  • Covers up bald and hair thinning spots on your scalp effectively
  • Offers natural looking hair instantly
  • These fibers are sweat, water and wind resistant
  • Adds volume to your scalp
  • Safe to use and has no side-effects

Note: Hair building fibers are temporary solutions and come off after you wash your hair.

Popularity of Hair Building Fibers

Among the myriad of hair growth solutions in the market, why hair building fibers became so popular? The primary reason behind this popularity is – there is no chemical bonding which makes it a safe and easy to use alternative. Previously, people were unfamiliar about these fibers, but today with the advancement of technology, the quality of these fibers improved a lot which attracted more number of people towards it.

Today, you can find a wide range of reputable brands providing hair building fibers of highest standards like Silax. But before finalizing any brand, make sure to check their reputation by scrolling through the reviews and feedbacks given by their former clients. Also, look for the specification as the advantages and utility of these fibers vary with brand.

So if you are looking for an instant and temporary solution that will make you feel good at social gatherings, parties or your wedding, then go for hair building fibers.


Silax- Hair Building Fibers are the best solution to fight against hair thinning for both men and women. The specially formulated Gossypium Herbaceum fibers are water, wind and sweat resistant, made from all natural colored Gossypium Herbaceum protein.

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