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SILAX Hair Thinning Solution

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Everyone notices, Only you will know.

The ultimate solution in the fight against your hair thinning journey. The special formulated Silax™ Hair Building Fibers are made from all natural colored keratin protein.

results, in 30 seconds or less

✅Water, Wind and Sweat Resistant
✅Works on both Men & Women
✅Undetectable, blends in perfectly with your hair


Using only the best quality natural ingredients. The premium Keratin protein that is used to create Silax™ Hair Building Fibers are nearly identical to human hair, allows the fibers to blend in naturally making it almost impossible to detect the difference.


1. Dry and style your hair as usual
2. Shake and spray Silax Hair Building Fibers onto thinning areas
3. Gently pat the applied area to disperse the hair fibers
4. If desire, lightly comb or brush your hair with Silax Hair Comb after applying the fibers
5. Use Silax Spray Applicator and Hair Comb for detailed area applying

The Details Matter.


Keratin Protein

Made of natural keratin protein powders.Silax is 100% natural, green and healthy.


100% Zoom

Fibers should not be exactly the same length, allowing them to have better stronger electrostatic absorption capacity, binding to the human hair.


No need to worry!

Silax's unique technology means that the fiber's diameter is larger than the hair follicles and wont affect your regrowth.

REAL People, REAL Results.

"Frustrated with my looks and lack of confidence, I eventually had hair transplant surgery and was reasonably satisfied with the results. Determined to conquer my hair loss, I had a second surgery. I used Silax hair fibers when I was recovering from my hair transplant. I used it to fill in the gaps and conceal the see-through part of my head. If you’re going through hair transplant surgeries while your hair is not fully recovered I highly recommend you to try this product."

— Alan Yu

"I was introduced to Silax by a friend, I was going on a date and this has been my first date since I don’t even know how long. I wanted everything to beperfect, but my incredibly thin hair is definitely not attractive, so I decided to give it a try. I got the hair fibers in around 4 days just in time to make it for my date on the coming weekend. I have to say these hair building fibers has really made me feel more confident and less self-conscious. I don’t have to be constantly worry about what other people might think about my thin hair."

Mohammed Tamils

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