We're actively looking to expand our reach and spread the name Silax™ all across the globe to help people experience the confidence they DESERVE.

With our vibrant range of Silax™ hair building fibers that can be easily washed off, give your customers the Silax effect so they can visualize and experience the how they will look without undergoing expensive and time consuming hair transplants. This product is perfect for those looking to make great first impressions whether it is for a date, job interview or meeting your partner's parents.

Stock in the hottest 100% natural hair building fibers in town that's gotten rave reviews across the board. Silax is manufactured with a unique edge over our competitors. Wind, Rain, Sweat resistance and works on both men & women.

If you're interested in ordering wholesale from us to stock in your shop, salon, or supermarket - please fill the form below 👇 and we'll send you all the details.

We can't wait to partner up with you!

- Silax™ Official Team